Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Party of One. (Emphasis on the word "party".)

Single Gal here! Just checking in--The Housewife has done a great job keeping up with posting responsibilities of late.  Life has been busy--work has been insane the last few weeks.  I have had some time off but we are down a rep and lots of people take well deserved vacay days in the summer so we are really feeling the brunt of heavy claims volume.  #killingme

But...last week The Housewife and I took some well deserved time off of our own and had our big night out at the NKOTBSB concert in Atlanta! It. Was. So. Much. Fun.  We drank one too many beers, ordered pizza late night, and enjoyed the next day off of work/baby duty together.  We sang really loudly in front of strangers. Note: The Housewife has all our fun photos on her camera, so let's all beg her nicely to throw some up this week.

It's been a hard last few weeks.  Marathon training is already kicking my butt and we aren't even running that far--it's seriously just the amount of training we are doing.  Of course, last week I was way too social and bagged several workouts (don't worry, I already fessed up to The Housewife) but I am back on track this week.  Balancing a serious work out plan, career, and social activities is a serious challenge.  I have been trying to get back in The Game too, but I have to find some new places to hang in the city.  Most of the VaHi neighborhood is full of 25 year olds--if that.  Most of the time guys ask me what school I go to.  As in college.  Um, hello--I'm an old lady.  Which is totally okay with me because let's face it--these guys think I should buy them a drink.  Ugh.

I was really beginning to feel sorry for myself on Sunday--especially wandering around and perusing my local grocery store for my necessary little frozen entrees when I noticed the sign for the section where I was shopping--

That's right.  Even the grocery store defines me as single.  Single meals.  Single Gals.  Not cool Target! Not cool.  Freaking "meals for one". 

Also, while we are on the topic of "confessions"...you know, since that's our blog title and all-- 

I have been seeing 3 Putt again.  It's uber-casual.  I don't even know what it is.  Really, I don't.  It almost isn't even worth mentioning.  But it nags at me a bit.  I've been thinking a lot about how we all define relationships and have pretty much given up on that in general.  They are all different from one another and people, events, and places all mean something different to each individual.  It's all too stressful if you ask me. And, I have too much work and running to do rather than spend all my time trying to figure it out. 

Disclaimer, this probably isn't going to be a large topic of discussion--so take your juicy tidbit and enjoy (Read: You really don't have to ask me about this when you see me...Mom and Dad). 

Oh, and in other news I finally got my iPhone fixed--no more broken screen.  Switched to Dad's old 3GS. Go Single Gal! Shit is getting accomplished this week--watch out world--Meals for One are the Meals of Champions!  

Love you. Mean it. 

~The Single Gal~

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