Thursday, August 11, 2011

Houston.....we have a tooth!

I was really excited to make this discovery a few days ago. After all, most of the grandparents are constantly asking, "Any teeth yet?" They had #1 on her way to being fitted for baby dentures. Now that I know she has actually cut her top right tooth a lot of other things are making sense to me. Like why she only drank half of her bottle for K-Woww when she was baby sitting Saturday night, the horrific diaper rash and even more ridiculous poops. Yes, I am going to talk about poop. Why? Probably because I have to use a stupid disposable diaper to medicate the diaper rash when suddenly there is poop all over my living room and all over the baby. WTF. I just looked away for a moment while she was in the safety of toy-ville that is now my living room and apparently there was a poop chaos.

In your mind you really just stop. You are staring at the poop on the carpet and then you stare at the baby and you just can't decide how the hell to proceed immediately. I'm thinking about how much Turtle is going to lose his mind about this carpet fiasco. (It does NOT need to be replaced.) If you spill so much as a grain of salt on that carpet he will launch into a tirade about how it needs to be replaced. So I picked up #1 by her fingers underarms and toted her to the bathtub to strip her down and start cleaning something/someone. Luckily it was time for her nap so I just put her back in clothes and a cloth diaper and put her to sleep. Then off to clean the carpets that will be re-cleaned by Turtle as soon as he gets home because even if I called Stanley Steamer to come it would not be good enough for him. On second thought, I should have just left it for him to clean up when he got home. I mean, I only have to look at the poop if I stay in the living room. He will be home soon.

It sounds like the Turtle owes me a beautiful JCrew cardigan.........riiiiiiiight people???? Actually I never usually have to deal with this thanks to my cloth diapers. All hail cloth and death to disposable (especially Pampers Baby Dry). Hope you all have a poop-free Friday. The Single Gal and I are hitting up the PGATourney tomorrow so we can husband hunt for her.

If you need me.......I will NOT be looking at replacement carpet. You hear me Turtle?

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