Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Dream of Seams

I wanted to introduce you to my new friend. This was bequeathed to me from my sweet mother-in-law and has sat unused in my home for quite some time.
1973 Singer Sewing Machine

#1 will be turning 1 in a little more than a month. It's hard to believe. Of course I've been trying to stir up my creativity to come up with a theme for her birthday party and the plans that go along with that. (In our family that means coming up with a date that will sort of work for all of the major players. In short, the equivalent to getting Congress and the Senate (or whoever) to agree on a plan to reduce debt/raise the debt ceiling for the country.) The date was set months ago. I have also decided to try to make a birthday dress for her to wear, which is insane. Do you know why it's insane? I never took Home Ec much to Turtle's dismay, and much to my dismay Turtle actually made an A in Home Ec and neither one of his sisters were very good at Home Ec. 

So I got a pattern off the internet for a reversible jumper dress, ordered some fabric online and enlisted my mother-in-law to help me with this project. Bless her. I'm proving to be a quick learner but at times I feel like the Karate Kid as she gently reminds me, "Presser foot. Presser foot." It tends to stay a little warm in our bonus room where the machine is but it creates an atmosphere similar to a Vietnamese sweatshop. Hey, good for productivity right? 

I'm apprehensive but hopeful about the dress project. I'm afraid we chose the wrong pattern size for #1 and project #2 might end up being matching bloomers to go under the dress but it's all about finding solutions and not dwelling on problems. I'm sure it won't be perfect. I keep reminding myself it's not about being perfect but more about the effort and the memory that it will create. 

A few things I didn't realize. Picking patterns online is difficult because you don't have a true concept of what the "scale" of the pattern really is. You can use almost any fabric (quilting, etc) to make clothes. A seam ripper might turn out to be your best friend sometimes. I know what a backstitch is. I am excited to sew more and even though my machine is a little elderly it appears to be able to do lots of things. The original manual was still in the drawer. 

I'm sure that this will not be my first/last project at all. I'm planning on doing the matching bloomers for the dress in case it's too short for my liking and I'm hoping to DIY #1's Halloween Costume. I'll be sure to post the finished product soon. I'm sure the Single Gal wants me to figure out how to construct some simple curtain panels for her too. 

I told the Turtle he has now been assigned to create the "smash cake" for #1. I'm sure I will micro-manage it, like all good housewives. Anyone else trying something new? 

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