Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Things You Do When You Don't Have a Boyfriend #247 - Home Projects

So, I know y'all are going to think The Housewife invaded my body after this post, and well, it's clearly possible.  The Housewife has really been getting into a lot of home projects lately and has inspired me to do the same.  As I am sure you would realize, being the Single Gal that I am, I am on a single income.  I bought a new town home 2 1/2 years ago and am always struggling to decorate some little area to make my house a little more "homey" and a little more "me". But, it's hard to go out, look pretty, keep Hogan in his special prescription food, and also keep up the house. Mercy-- that Little Baby Jesus expects a lot from me. 

Anyway, The Housewife and I also religiously stalk the "Young House Love" blog and here is my little tribute to The Housewife and also some of our internet DIY'ers -- sprucing up an old vanity that I have been using as a desk for years and seriously diving into some color. 

Desk Before: 

*note, please excuse the terrible iPhone photo. I wasn't inspired for an actual post about this until later. (Clearly it's a boring week and I'm reaching for material.)

So...What to do with the desk? The Housewife and I discussed and we went for something bold for a few reasons -- #1 You can always re-paint it if you hate it.  #2 - Anything pink is awesome and lovely. 

Luckily, Big John owns a painting company so he sent me over to Sherwin Williams for some primer and paint--and even let me put it on the account! Go Dad!  I really agonized over which pink was The. Most. Perfect. Pink. Ever. and I am awful at committing to anything decor wise in my house unless someone tells me that it does in fact, look good.  

The winning pink of all pink swatches was -- Eros Pink.  

And here we go with a sort of step-by-step: 

In the garage and primed! 
That's right. I am mother-freaking crafty, bitches.

A few days later the Eros Pink went on (two coats).  Wow--super pink. Looks awesome in the garage but will I hate it inside???

After this I went to Hobby Lobby to find some drawer pulls and after much frustration with even trying to locate them I decided on some white, flower looking ones.  These might not be forever, but they will do right now. I didn't absolutely love anything. 


Luckily, I think I am really loving the pink desk. I kind of have a lot going on in my downstairs area with prints and colors, but it doesn't bother me (for now). I am trying to tie everything together with little stuff and in the words of The Housewife -- the desk is like "a statement necklace for the living room". 

For now, this is what I did with that wall: 

*Frame in other chair clearly not permanent.
*I did eventually tie up the lamp cord, mmmK?   

Thoughts? Reviews? All The Housewife did was ask for my leftover paint for a project for #1. 

~the single gal~

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