Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Nature of Being Single

It’s a jungle out there ladies (and gents)--and I am here to say that just like you I am not exempt from the laws of nature, the rules of attraction and even plain old Darwinism (Only. The. Strong. Survive.).  I think a lot of us forget we are literally just pawns in a big chess game where Mother Nature and molecules that make up hormones and other body stuff are playing really dominant roles.  Example: I can’t just sit here and eat all the Trader Joe’s peanut butter pretzels that my heart desires.  Why? Because if I want to “survive” (so-to-speak) and actually beg find someone to like me I need to be fit for myself and fit for a healthy, meaningful relationship with Mr. Right.  But, the older I get, the less simple choosing a mate becomes.  I have more requirements.  I know that I can live just fine on my own. And, for the things I can’t do -- a simple maintenance man for hire will do.  Unfortunately for the Single Gal breed there’s a bit more to it  all for us rather than for these mammals/fishies/birds/whatever.  

Here are some examples of animals that mate for life (apparently monogomy isn’t only for the birds). 

French Angel Fish

Some sort of cute-ish owly thing...


Whatever species of Parrot this is.

These males basically have two requirements: 1.  To literally bring home “the bacon” and  2. Continue the family name by reproducing.  

It all seems so simple for these other creatures.  Mating.  Attract the other with the following: pretty feathers; bigger feet; prettiest scales; etc. Whatever gets them going, it seems fairly fundamental to me.  Granted, if you’re a Single Gal in one of these relationships and you make the wrong choice in nature it could mean certain death.  Eeek.  Maybe the pressure of society to “find someone” isn’t as bad as I thought?  There is certainly a lot of competition but we human Single Gals seem to be at a disadvantage.  I mean sure, we shop and dress a certain way, fix our hair, get waxed and wear make up along with all that other stuff to attract mates just like our penguin and french angel fish friends. But, we have feelings.  It’s not strictly nature.  It’s like a tornado of psychology, misinterpretation, miscommunication, fear, and the need to survive should it not work out again (Darwin, again my friends).
Yeah these guys look cute and they seriously are said to mate for life...but, French angel fish don’t get a haircut that might go unnoticed by their partner. Penguins don’t have to call each other and say, “How was your day, dear?”.  Swans don’t have to pay bills together.  Beavers don’t get pissed off because one asked the other to take the trash out two days ago and it still isn’t done.  So what's a Single Gal to do? Or any gal for that matter?

~the single gal~

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