Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mainly a Whine About Busy June but a Little Wedding Wednesday in the Middle

Holy busy June. I knew it would be crazy and busy and I tried to prepare myself to be okay with being so busy. It's still really hard.  Especially because all the activities are happy and lovely things so I don't want to be stressed and overwhelmed about good stuff -- it's just that there are SO many good activities.  I'm feeling really stressed today about the state of the house. And maybe I could be cool with letting stuff slide but Matt's parents are in and out of town all month and I would at least like the house to be nice while we have family here. 

 I'm feeling stressed about my fitness because we are hanging with guests and obviously that doesn't create a lot of light dinner/cereal for dinner situations.  I'm a little stressed about wedding stuff -- just that it is something else that needs to get done and while my actual meeting with my florist this week was nice it sucked super hard to sit in a shitton of rush hour traffic to get there and then make my way home much later than normal after sustaining my hunger pangs with bad things like M&Ms and full fat Cheese Itz. Also, flowers be expensive (cue Beyoncé arm gesture). 

On top of this after a lot of long talks with Matt about our loss of Hogan and a lonely pug (and fiancé) we are going through the process of being approved to adopt a boxer with Atlanta Boxer Rescue.  Actually we got our "approved!" Email early this week after our home interview this past Sunday.  We don't know if a boxer that is right for us is with the organization right now or if it will be later when we are matched.  I think at first it will be hard to have the same breed but after a lot of discussion we still love the breed and the characteristics of a boxer and decided to stick with another   boxer. I keep thinking "now isn't a great time" but lately I feel like for life in general if I were to go around waiting for the right time it would never seem to present itself. 

Someone please tell me how overwhelming your June is and make me feel better. 

-love you mean it-

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