Thursday, June 12, 2014

Longest Week Ever

Well if I felt like I had a long weekend hangover last week I guess this week is the sequel. The work week seems super long and I feel like June is about to disappear before my eyes. And really I just feel grumpy about the whole thing.  I don't know if I am just harboring some irrational fear of all my spare time being taken from me rather than focusing on the love and fun that can come from lots of family and friends time but I feel a bit of injustice not to do it on my terms I guess. It could also be that now that summer is in full swing I feel like 3 Putt and I are like ships passing in the night. His hours are long and we don't see him at home much right now. 

Clearly life is really great. It is.  But I'm having a week where I am tired of being responsible and bringing a healthy lunch and packing my gym bag. If only for the reason that holy cow I am so freaking sick of dragging 18 things out the door and 18 things back in everyday between purses, bags, shoes, Tupperware containers, coffee mugs, etc. For the love. Actually as far as the gym bag I'm having gym aversion, too. I'm going but I'm being SUPER pouty about being there.  And my damn audiobook I got from the library skips like crazy BUT WHO HAS TIME TO DRIVE OUT THERE and get the replacement? Not this girl. Because hey my branch closes early on Thursdays.  I'm tired of doing grown up shit like sending every spare dime to pay my credit card off (I always swear "I'll never run it up again!") As my birthday gift to myself I upped my 401k contribution.  See -- all the grownup shit. Oh and our AC broke to the tune of $370 on Monday. 

At least tomorrow after work I'm headed to a blissful happy hour at JCT with one of my most favorite people so I can forget about my to-do list and my crazy month. 

Is your summer crazy busy? If not come hell me! 

-The engaged Gal-

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