Saturday, June 28, 2014

Meet the Parents

Well we finally have Matt's mom back from her trip and since both his parents are here now we are about to embark on a meet the family whirlwind weekend. Matt's mom has already met my mom, step mom, and The Housewife but we haven't been able to do the real deal meet and greet with both. As my parents are divorced this is a full blown weekend activity. 

I know everything will be fine. Surely...

The house is still kind of a disaster. I'm trying to let that go. Note to self - it's not the best idea to jet out of town the weekend before you have big company. But hey -- YOLO, right? 

We don't get much company so it's been a nice June with lots of visitors. But we are taking our calendar back in July and working to keep it super empty. We will be welcoming home our new boxer boy Arnie that we adopted through Atlanta Boxer Rescue once he is done with heartworm treatment in July so we really want to be home as much as possible at the end of the month to help him settle in. I will update and do a post on our adoption as soon as I can! 

Happy Saturday readers! Looking forward to catching up on posts in July!! 

-the engaged gal-

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