Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hitting the Wall

Guys, I so want to find the energy to do a really fabulous weekend recap because it was so fun and amazing -- but also incredibly busy and not filled with sleep.  I'm entirely off my game this week.  Totally packed up for a morning at the gym in my office building sans undergarments today.  Forgot to put out the meat to thaw for dinner.  So, I stopped on the way home to grab some along with my dry cleaning.  Except I drove off without ever seeing my dry cleaning lady.  It's not really a bad week so far -- it's just that it's not flowing normally. 

So small recap -- our shower was SO fun and amazing.  We stayed up late.  Opened a few gifts.  Ate lots of food.  Drank lots of wine.  Ate breakfast at our fave Waffle House in Brookhaven. Sunday -- we ended getting some free tickets to see Garth.  It. Was. The. Best. Concert. Ever.  Too bad I was so hungover I was not even able to stomach a beer.  We came home at midnight - hence my lack of a brain this week.  

Other tidbits -- my Bach is this weekend.  So I really should be catching up on my sleep every night this week but I am still trying to squeeze in workouts, actually take some time to cook dinners, write copious amounts of thank you notes, and I have to get some cavities filled at the dentist.  

Bright side -- I met a twitter friend for lunch today.  We ate a Cafe Jonah and she was beautiful and wonderful and just so sweet! I hope she liked me too and we can meet up again.  Yay internet universe. 

Ok short post today.  Even though I am exhausted I am so full of love this week. 

-the engaged gal-

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