Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Obsessions - Bargains

Happy Monday! I survived Bachelorette weekend! I had tons of fun and I definitely don't feel as dead as I did last week -- even though we didn't roll back to our hotel until around 4 AM Sunday. Oops.  I am really hoping to get some pics from the girls and do a little recap this week.   

I broke shopping hiatus and bought some Vince Camuto Hillari booties at Nordstrom Rack this weekend along with a mirror for the house that was $20 at TJ Maxx.  But that's pretty good right? My Vince Boots are taupe and I still am in need of some black ones but clearly need some budget wear.  I am definitely going to give these Forever 21 booties a try when I get my bank account back in order after a crazy weekend. 

I am really feeling home updates lately -- I think that has helped me not shop actually.  How amazing are these storage baskets from H&M Home?

I also really like this Urban Outfitters Taj Wall Mirror. I know you can find a lot of mirrors at Homegoods but I have never found one this shape.  

I'm definitely looking forward to a low key week! We had last week off from our running schedule and October will be full of long runs.  Maybe I can make time to actually register for the Thanksgiving Half....

On other note -- it's my mom's birthday today! Happy Birthday Kay! 

~the engaged gal~

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