Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Edging Closer to The Big Day of Happiness....

Holy Moly! Excitement! We are less than 30 days from our wedding.  I had to kick it into high gear this weekend for some tasks that we really need to complete before Thanksgiving -- because really I don't want to leave it all until the last minute. 

First and foremost -- I'm really glad The Housewife and I have been training for the half-marathon.  I have been pretty good and really trying to watch what I eat (some days are better than others) and my goal is to throw in some yoga whenever I can and get in my Fly Barre classes until the big day.  My favorite at home yoga is Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown.  Seriously try it -- it's hard and it's only 35 minutes (just Google it to find it on YouTube).  But really I feel like I'm in better shape than I have been in the last year or so and it feels SO good! 

It's been super cold lately -- I'm praying for a teeny warm front.  Just a little one.  And some good sunshine for pictures. 

I'm really happy that with a little help along the way from my parents and a lot of saving on our part we are very on track with our wedding budget.  We have not gone above and beyond or into an uncomfortable zone for any item or need for our wedding -- I'm talking rings, reception dinner costs, flowers, dress alterations, bridal accessories, etc.  I may try to do a small post on some of my budget items.  Matt has been super helpful and I have put a good deal of things on his plate to take care of like finalizing items with the restaurant regarding food, wine, & cake, purchasing our wedding favors, taking care of all our hotel arrangements, and he even wrote a big pile of thank you notes last week for some gifts.  

We really don't have much left to do -- marriage license, finalize my itinerary, finalize ceremony details, final fitting for my dress, put together wedding favors, and find Matt's tux.    Ideally I will have this all done before Thanksgiving.  Then maybe we can focus on Christmas and planning our trip to London/Scotland (more excitement)!! 

~happy hump day everyone~

the engaged gal

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