Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Obsessions {stuff in my bathroom}

I know a lot of bloggers dump out their make up bags and put up pretty photo-shopped items for posts like this but we have Real Talk here and really, these are just Things in My Bathroom I Like.  (Simple is best, no?) 

Ok, so I rarely go to Wal-Mart but when I do I always get caught up wandering around the beauty aisles.  There is just so much to look at.  And so many budget friendly items. 

I happened to grab the intensive hair treatment -- it wasn't much and I figured the locks could use some love pre-wedding or for the rest of my life in general.  I really think this was under $5 -- and it works really well! I'd really love to try more of this product line. 


When you save money on your hair stuff you can splurge on shower gel.  I can't remember the last time I decided to spend some extra money on something other than the Dove soap we use every day.  I love this Sugar Lemon shower gel. It makes me happy in the morning. 

the naked knock off...

The Physicians Formula Naked knock-off finally made it to my house (from Wal-Mart, duh) and this thing is no joke.  I feel like the shadow stays on ALL DAY.  Which is hard to find even at Sephora.  I love it and wear it every day.  All the colors are great. 

What's in your bathroom?

I'm kidding. Sort of. 

~the engaged gal~

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