Sunday, November 30, 2014

Catching Up + Thanksgiving Recap

Happy Weekend everyone! I have to say -- I only had to work 2.5 days last week and even though it will be a complete nightmare to go back to work until the wedding I have had the best time off.  I really think that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday -- the food is great and it just seems more low key and less stressful than Christmas.  I came home from work and started baking early and finished a book by the fire.  It was heavenly. 

First -- we started off the holiday with our half-marathon! I have not run the Atlanta Half course in several years and they have changed the course since I ran last time.  We had a really great race but I was battling some cramps and being depleted around mile 11 (mainly because we were speed demons right out of the gate) and The Housewife left me to finish a bit ahead.  With all the hills on this course it made the back half of the race very tough so I was still very happy to finish just under 2 hours and 15 minutes.  We hit some really great splits -- if only I could have held them the last 2 miles. 

I immediately came home and started cooking before a trip to my Dad's.  I tried two new recipes this year -- the chocolate mousse pie above and a butternut squash + kale gratin.  I got both recipes from Martha Stewart Living and they were all a hit.  The gratin was really easy and while the pie had a lot of steps none of them were too difficult. 

Friday I had a lazy day and when Matt got home we went to a local farm here in Alpharetta to pick out our tree.  I loved our small tree last year and wanted to get another small one -- but I wanted to up my game and get a flocked one.  They are definitely expensive but if you get a smaller one its not as hurtful to your bank account.  Also -- if we return the stand ours came in we will get a $30 gift card. If you are in the Atlanta area I highly recommend supporting local for your Christmas tree and nursery needs with a trip to Scottsdale Farm.  

Saturday was my final dress fitting and watching the GA v GA Tech game with the fam.  It's a nice tradition -- but I like it a lot more when the Dawgs don't lose.  Also -- I've been living in this plaid shirt from JCrew -- I am obsessed.  It's 30% off today if you care. 

So far today I've happily cancelled my Fly Barre reservation, had copious amounts of coffee by the tree, and am determined to finish up Christmas decor today while also trying to read 8 library books that are overdue.

Happiest of Holidays to all of our readers! 

~the engaged gal~

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