Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

What I'm reading....

The Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon and basically crushed JoJo Moyes' Me before You, in a span of 15 hours. Granted, I only got 5 hours of sleep which probably wasn't the best decision. It was so hard to put down.

What I'm watching....
Really I'm just watching tons of college football when I can. My husband has been traveling and I don't turn on the tv ever when he is gone (hence all the reading). 

What I'm up to....
Fall is always so packed with things. We have lots of family to celebrate the kids birthdays with, lots of check-ups and sick visits to the doctor this time of year. Many of our friend's children or No. 1's classmates have fall birthdays and we have the birthday party circuit we hop on as well. I am not sure I can really believe the twins are two already or that I have No. 1's pre-k information meeting at the pre-school next week. Oh and let's not forget trying to fit in all the running for the half-marathon training. Single Gal has been very flexible with me since lately I seem to be having a bunch of commitments on Saturday and we've been moving runs to Sunday mornings. 

What I'm not loving....
The time change! I think this is the first year it wasn't so terrible getting the kids switched over. I went to my MOPS meeting last night at church and it felt so late leaving since it was dark. I know it will be worse when it's cold and dark! 

Also, I have to take Harper to the cardiologist tomorrow. Our pediatrician thinks she has a heart murmur and asked us just to get it listened to so we don't worry about it. I'm sure it's nothing, although you never know with these things. I also say they think she has a heart murmur because frankly, Hadley is so terrified of our doctor right now it's hard to hear him over her crying. But he did bring in the sheet with cardiologist referrals and told me to go and their was the word "murmur." I've never been to a cardiologist so it feels weird to be taking a two year old  to one. So maybe a quick prayer for her if you will? 

Oh and I almost forgot! No.1 has fallen doom to my husbands poor eye sight. She had to get glasses this month. She is doing pretty well with them. She was really excited at first but the last few days I find her taking them off more, mainly at home. 

Sorry for the absence....for like the 3 of you who read. Ha! 
Love you Sungle Gal...see I did blog this week. 

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