Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 2: Some families have a coat of arms. We just have a vulgar catch phrase.

Big J and P — our Dad and Step Mom (not the evil kind).  These two characters own their own business and are supes in love.  Always doing fun things and inviting us along (to almost everything). In the summer they can be found on the lake all weekend long. We're really glad Big J got the boat. We're glad because it's cheaper than either of us buying a boat and nothing relaxes Big J more than being on the boat.  He loves driving around his girls....and lets face it we just keep on adding more girls. Thankfully P has two sons, B & B, and they add some necessary manliness to our bunch. 

P coined our famous catch phrase, "I fucked up,” which is occasionally changed to “We fucked up.” (This of course happened in dramatic fashion at Cuz B’s college graduation party during an inebriated conversation with Cuz’s girlfriend at the time. It did not end well…….for the girlfriend that is.) Now it’s just our family motto. 

More on the B's and Cuz later. 

The Housewife and The Single Gal

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