Friday, April 8, 2011

Day Four: The Turtle

Essentially this was supposed to be posted yesterday. I think the Single Gal and I were a little too ambitious this week but let's face would be one super long post if we tried to contain all of this information together. This is just to give you a better understanding of our world. 

The Turtle is the sole supporter of the housewife and #1. The Turtle is an awesome triathlete and completed Ironman Arizona a mere weeks after #1's arrival. Some contended that we were crazy but we are glad 2010 went the way it did even though a baby and taking on IM was a bit ridic-- we made it.  We did have to send the Single Gal across the country with the Turtle for race support though. But she was ok with it because we bought her plane ticket. Oh, and I forgot to throw Turtle's little sis's wedding in the mix as well. #1 trooped through that like a champ at 3 weeks old and Mom was a bridesmaid too.  (The Turtle's little sister is also an L which causes some occasional confusion. No, really...they have the exact same name.)  There were also three job changes in 2010 between both of us. It was truly a year for the books. 

The Turtle drives me crazy and makes me laugh... sometimes all at once. He has an insane sense of smell which coupled with my non-sense of smell creates heated discussions in our house. He always thinks something smells and wants me to help him find what smells; when the truth is I can't really smell anything at all. Also, the Turtle keeps us fed and the house clean. You didn't think I did all of that did you? He's obsessed (like Mariah) with his new canister vacuum. Now don't misunderstand and think that The Housewife can't cook, because she can. The Turtle is indecisive when it comes to choosing what he would like to eat for dinner and I will just eat whatever he puts in front of me. (How about that for a role reversal?) He tends to micro-manage me while I'm cooking and that drives me crazy, which is reason #2 why he is the chef. I will say that I do handle all of the laundry and even the dry cleaning. The dry cleaning lady calls the Turtle "Mr. Stacy" because he hardly ever goes to drop off/pick up. 

And the best thing about the Turtle? He let's me hang out with the Single Gal tons. I think some days he's still astounded by our similarities even after 10 years. 

The Housewife

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