Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Things I'm Currently Obsessed With...

It's been a couple weeks of super blog laziness from the Single Gal! Many apologies to our reading public.  It's shaping up to be a good week and I was so busy with friends/family/etc last weekend that I barely had time to shower let alone write something.  And, let's face it--even this post will probably be lackluster.

So, here it is for Tuesday night.  Stuff I'm currently obsessed with! I hope these things excite you, too my dear reader.

First off.  This little photo.  So.My.Life.Right.Now.


If you know me, you know I obsessively eat the same things over and over again for a few months until I can't stomach it anymore.  I like routine all the way down to my meal.  Right now I have been having lots of Campbell's Select soups and eating fro-you for dinner. Oh, and polishing off those Girl Scout cookies has become my personal mission for April...


How can there be so many calories in one little cookie? 

After you eat all the Girl Scout cookies you can, you watch your favorite sappy girl movie as much as you want.  Why? Because you're obsessed (you know, like when Beyonce was cray cray in that movie--she was super obsessed).  

I think I would purposely F up this shoot repeatedly.  "Sorry Mr. Director, I think we need to do that one where Gerartd is on top of me one more time.  It wasn't quite right."

And, last but not least, my new family addition.  Hogan.  He is pretty comical when he is not pissing me off about drooling on my hardwood floors (it makes cloudy spots.  I'm anal. Whatev.)

We walk.  A lot.  I dig it. 

Have I bored you enough??????

Love you. Mean it. 

~the single gal~


  1. i hate when my posts look different on another computer than on my mac. what is up with this? i will try to fix later. loves.

  2. I tried to fix some of your mess....