Monday, April 4, 2011

Five Days of Family: Day 1

Family.  So seemingly annoying and full of drama, but time and time again the ones who are always there for you.  To understand both The Single Gal and The Housewife it’s probably good to let you know how crazy it is around here most of the time.  
First problem—we all live really close together.  This means that our family thinks we need to do things together ALL the time.  Also, we are a classic product of divorce. This just means our family has expanded to include more people.  Seriously, we just keep adding them--especially with the addition of #1 in October. Not that we are trying to take over the world, but the masses are a lot to contend with when scheduling ANY type of family activity—birthday party, Christmas, vacations…etc.  Congress moves faster when passing bills. 
It’s probably better to list us all out. Note that all names have been changed to protect the innocent on our blog and The Housewife and I have nicknames for everyone anyway. Hope you enjoy this week's feature.
K-Woww and The Situation — Mom and her most recent BF (who we LOVE).  K-Woww and The Situation have their own lives (thank god) and live to GTL.  They are at the gym or pool if you are looking in the summertime. They spend a lot of time dropping off and picking up dry cleaning. They can also be found at the local PURE Taqueria that's within walking distance of their place (thanks for making the world a safer place PURE).   The Situation constantly cracks us up and is an obsessive-compulsive Googler. While watching Wimbledon this past year we began discussing who was taller, Federer or Nadal. The Situation just had to know. (They're the same in case you were wondering too.....each logging in at 6'1".)

We knew The Situation was "one of us" when...he asked for a refill while one of us was already up getting one for ourselves. We are a big "since you were up..." family.  Seriously, we have been known to sit on the couch in a fit of hunger only to wait until K-Woww walks by so that we can ask her for a refill or a sandwich.

Best family moment EVER so far...when K-Woww made brunch and The Situation wasn't ready for his meal yet.  Too bad we are serious eaters and everything on the brunch buffet was already demolished by the time he felt like eating.  We wait for no one.  It's kill or be killed in our family.

The Situation should really get an award for just plain being okay with the circus that commences when we all gather together.  It's not uncommon for The Single Gal to bust into a room with a crazy story that usually involves lots of curse words.  Sometimes we barely stop to breathe when we are all together and talking. Mom is one of those awesome mothers who has her own life.  She is always there for you when you need to call her about something, but she isn't going to jump into your business uninvited.  The unfortunate part of not seeing K-Woww all the time? She is an amazing cook (hence, there IS something to miss about being in high school).

Until tomorrow........

~The Single Gal and The Housewife~

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