Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 3: Every Family Has One...

The Baby.  You know, the one who magically gets the better life after your parents sent you out the door as a perfect conformist to their ridiculously early curfews, always telling you what you could and could not watch on TV, all while making sure you were involved in all the necessary after school activities you needed, and making sure you got your act together in general to enter the real world.   Then you come home from college and realize the Baby has had the run of the house, stays out as late as she wants, and does whatever she wants as if that's the way it's always been.

Little L is The Baby of our family. No one puts her in a corner, she just likes it there.

Our little sister...she does what she wants, when she wants.  She arrives to brunches and Christmas dinner when she feels like it--Lord knows we could never get to church on time in the old days because we were all piled in the car waiting on her.  No matter.  The Baby feels that we should wait.  And trust me, she makes us wait even now.  Little L is still close by though.  And K-Woww still says she is the smartest of us all (as if she needed someone to already confirm her deepest suspicions) and her most beautiful baby (seriously, she will tell you that The Housewife and I were very "average" looking as small children).   Little L always keeps us guessing and keeps a nice air of mystery about her as she usually ignores all our calls more often than answering them.

Also, small shout-out as Little L's birthday is next Tuesday! Happy 24th, L! We love you.

~the single gal and the housewife~

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