Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby v. Wild

8  months. That's how old #1 is now. Where did the time go? It's like there's a time sucking vacuum in my life taking it away so quickly. I have a couple of new best friends I'd like to introduce you to. One is this book I'm trying to read.

We won't discuss how I've downloaded a Stuart Woods Stone Barrington novel on my Kindle and am now reading that instead. (What? I'm a sucker for characters that continue into other novels.) Seriously, I need to get the child rearing book read. It's not that #1 isn't sleeping at night. We've got bedtime down. So down it's down like that song "baby are you down down down down down." Night sleep is the first to regulate and that one is almost easy. We did have to do some crying around 5 months but it wasn't an ordeal. Soon they are like little disciples and you are Jesus bringing them their last meal and they're rubbing their little eyes as they drink that night bottle.

This nap thing is a different story. #1 is trending to be a "different" baby. I hear all of these things from other mom's like "Oh they usually drop their early morning nap at 6 months." So I try to do that and #1 is telling me, "Hey lady. I don't know what you think you're doing but I go back to sleep at 9 am. You hear me? 9 am." So I back off and the 9 am nap is like clock work. Sometimes we even go back to sleep at gasp.....8:30. Other kids seem to nap from 11-1 and 4-6 or something. Not in this household. She goes back to sleep around 2:30 or 3:00 in the afternoon. I'm going to stamp "your baby all babies are different" on my forehead. Ok, thanks, bye. I really think #1 is the problem.........not me. It couldn't be me. (Of course it's me.)

My other best friend is the gym. 6 days a week my friends. I'm sore and my body is tired. The other thing #1 and I do at the gym is go to the cafe so I can feed her her baby food before we go home. They will give her a bottle in the childcare center for me (um.....yay). While #1 has been crawling and pulling up for the last month and a half she has no teeth. Zero. Her little BFF who is 13 weeks older than she is has eight teeth. Eight. #1 will be eating purees for My biggest fear lately is that she will choke on something so that's why I stick with purees. I can hardly stand to give her those dis solvable puff things. They for real melt in your mouth but I don't care.

And as I look around at all the other moms (who are of course in fabulous shape with kids younger than #1 and they have four or five of those boogers running around) feeding their babies all kinds of organic baby food and I have my Gerber baby food. I feel inferior. And why should I? Like THEIR green beans taste that much better than OUR green beans. I mean, life is not an organic picnic. I'm teaching my kid survival skills. She will need them......especially with no teeth.

If you need me I will be trying to survive my new work out schedule. It will be worth it though and I am enjoying the challenge.

the Housewife

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