Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Does Anyone Really Believe that Gwen Stefani Uses that Preference Hair Color in a Box?

So...if you follow on Tumblr you know that the beginning of our birthday month has started out very well.  I came home yesterday to a Sephora package on my doorstep--one that I didn't order (you know, because I am trying to be all responsible and crap and not feed my online shopping addiction)! Little A threw a gift card my way for my birthday gift.  Love, love, love Little A. She is good people.  The Housewife got one too, courtesy of her nice, tattooed UPS man. 

I know what you're thinking--how can it get better than a Sephora gift card and it's only the first day of the month? That special birth month where I do what I want, eat what I want, and shop guilt free...wait...I do that every day anyway because I'm single (and you thought there weren't any perks).  

Well, it does get better.  I was walking the dog today when a hot guy drove by in a truck with his cute yellow lab in the passenger seat.  We smiled.  We I had  moment where our eyes met.  Whatev.  I take the dog in the house and go about my daily routine--dinner, gym, etc.  Except I am walking the dog later tonight and discover that it is VERY possible Hot Guy with the Tacoma and Yellow Lab (to be referred to from now on as HGTYL) now lives in my neighborhood.  

(The truck is hot y'all)

The ironic part--I am so out of the loop I never would have known about said hot neighbor (HGTYL) had I not adopted my ex-boyfriend's dog because I was walking Hogan when he drove by.  Let's throw a big virtual "thanks" out to 3 Putt.  And to Little Baby Jesus, he clearly knows what's up and that it's my birthday. 

Why is this stuff important? Because this Single Gal needs a little hope as a present for the month of June.  Let's face it--I am not even given "and guest" on wedding invites anymore and I'm almost 30.  I'm not sure yet if it's because people are worried I might be a lesbian (no judgement) or if they have just given up.  But, if there is no hope, at least I have Sephora gift cards to keep my single self looking super fly for hot neighbors. 

(super fly, in case you were wondering what that looks like)

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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