Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to The Housewife, Love The Single Gal

(Sorry for the terrible quality of this photo of a photo. And no, I really don't know which one is which.)

Look at these two super stars on the day they were born!  We sure do look like we went through a lot that day. Heck--we've been through a lot together in 28 years so far.  It's hard to describe being a twin--I honestly don't think I will ever be closer to anyone else other than The Housewife. That's just the way it is.  We couldn't get away from each other even if we wanted to--and, let's face it, I'm hard to be around most days so I am sure she's tried.  


How fun to share a birthday with your bestie! I can't wait to see some of the fam and exchange our gifts tonight.  We have so many more adventures to go on, so many more cups of coffee to drink, books to talk about, loud laughs to have, stories to share, and blogs to write. 

Love you always, Sissy. 

~the single gal~ 

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