Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to our Sugar Daddy.

The Turtle is out stealing some formula one right now so I thought I would sneak a post in. Turtle isn't really stealing but we worked out such a super coupon deal at CVS in our evil lair this morning it's almost the equivalent. You know, stealing without the repercussions of jail time.

The Turtle is our sugar daddy since he lets me stay home with #1. We're both sacrificing and it's totally worth it to us. So Happy Day to the one who makes it all happen. I'm the Condoleeza Rice to his George Bush. Team work people. (Isn't that what they always tell you on every stupid and lame conference call you have to get on in the business world?)

And here's one more picture for you because there's one thousand million pictures of Turtle and #1 to my four.

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