Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Home wrecker. The Short kind.

Happy New Year! Has everyone recovered from the Holiday crazies yet? The Housewife household has. We are Fischer-Priced out. Exclamation point. Our living room looks like a cross between the children's section at Barnes and Noble and ToysRUs. This will hopefully be changed at some point in 2012 when we get our bonus room more functional. But that would require some built-ins or some expensive shelving options like these Cameron Bookcases from Pottery Barn Kids. I like the corner shelf and then you can add on additional shelving units to either side. The other pro of this would be that you can always move them to a different place whereas built-ins are well........built in. For-eva. I mean, where are the cheap solutions that look like they belong in House Beautiful?? Bueller, Bueller??

#1 is also completely obsessed with the damn TV buttons. Basically Turtle and I debate on just throwing out our older boxed flat screen TV because the armoire keeps it at excellent height for the little brat. Yes, that's right. We do not have a super expensive wall mounted flat screen TV in our living room. When we buy things you can be sure the next best super technology most awesome model will be out the next damn day. Turtle buys Kindle (old white version)= new sleek gray kindle comes out. Turtle gets iPad for Christmas= iPad 2 out in February. We are cool with our TV because it works and it has HD (duh....we're not that behind on the times.) We don't really need a new one. The problem is the TV weights 400 gazillion pounds.  My vote is to take that thing to Goodwill because I can write it off for more than you can sell it on craigslist. Tell the Single Gal to get a beefy boy toy so he can help us move all this stuff. The armoire is heavy too and that needs to move to the basement. What else can I add to the list.......hmmm the bar stools. #1 loves to re-arrange the furniture, I mean the furniture she's strong enough to push.

Which brings me to my next question. How do you discipline a 14 month old? I mean discipline in a very slight sense obvi. I know the rule is one minute per year of age blah blah blah. But you put her in a corner and she just smiles and waves and says "hiiiiiiiiiiii" to you over and over again. Put her in the pack n play in an other room and she does cry but not for a long time. Once you go in to get her out she tells YOU "no, no, no" and goes to sit down in the corner of it. I ordered this from Amazon and hope it helps. Otherwise the Turtle and I are embracing a Bohemian lifestyle with no television or sofas. Just pillows on the floor and music.

The Housewife

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