Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Five

Happy Friday! We made it! It's been a weird week. Part of it seemed agonizing slow but the other part seemed to have flown by.  I don't know if I was a crazy and hormonal or what but we went through all the highs and lows this week at my place.  I said this on Twitter and stand by it - if you think you are above losing your shit over something seemingly small (but not to you) for your wedding I have news.   You are not.  A tuxedo just may do it.  It happened to me.  True life. 

Anyway...five things.  I shouldn't deviate from programming.  

1. In light of the above -- this was seen on Pinterest and struck home.  For real. 

Except that I want what I want for my day, yo.  #thestress

2.  I've been really good about resisting weeknight drinking in honor of fitting in my wedding dress but this week I was glad we actually had some in the house.  Actually I wish we had more. 

3. Do you think my dentist knows how annoying it is to floss twice a day? I'm usually done with life as soon as work is over so anything I do after that is extra - workouts, making dinner, walking the dogs. I mean, washing my face is chore enough.  

4. After boyfriend jeans were all the rage for the last 3 years -- I finally got some during the GAP sale.  Extra 25% off of $30...why not? 

They run big.  I probably could have even gone another size down but I figured they are supposed to be baggy and it wasn't worth the exchange. I really do like them! 

5.  At least we finally booked our Honeymoon/Scotland trip to see Matt's extended family later on in December.  I feel like we got a decent deal on Expedia for flight + hotel together to London.  I am really excited to see everything decorated for Christmas and to go to "high tea".  We are staying at the Waldorf! (Aren't we fancy?!)

Love you. Mean it. 

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