Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday Fun

Well, I think I'm coming out of my weird "my body is trying to be sick" funk. My sinus are a little blah but I regrouped on workouts and eating healthy this weekend and finished up my mileage and ate well (minus that bottle of Pinot Noir Matt and I tackled while catching up on New Girl Friday night).  I even dragged Arnie out for my 3 miles on Saturday.  What a cutie. 

It has been a great weekend.  We have our engagement pictures this evening so that means I can demand that Matt come home from work at 3 pm today! I haven't seen him much this month -- he is either in a tournament or working 13+ hour days.  I almost feel bad about complaining that I'm stuck here with all the housework.  Almost. I think Old Navy ended up saving the day with a blouse to wear for our pictures that cost me around $20-$25.   Although I do feel like I spent a ton of money this week - but we had the townhouse pressure washed along with the back patio/driveway and it looks super fantastic.  I just keep staring into the back yard and I'm SO glad the side of the house isn't green with mildew anymore.  I was even inspired to update the front porch a bit. My thumb has gotten a bit "greener" but I still kill some of my plants immediately. 

In other news -- if you have been searching for some calf hair pumps like I have for the last year, you may be interested in these Ann Taylor beauties that are 50% off this weekend.  It's the best deal I have found -- and I love the zipper detail on the back.  They are $74! Code: FASHION50

I even braved our new Whole Foods at the Avalon development (I'm addicted to big salads right now.  It's better than cheese dip, right?) while I was out picked up the rest of my fabric that is needed for my chair recovering project and the only thing I left to do on my pesky bathroom floor project is to seal it! It's a good thing I wasn't commissioned to paint the Sistine Chapel because hey...I'd still be doing touch ups 10 years later.  

How is your weekend? 

~the engaged gal~

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