Monday, October 20, 2014

Monday Items and Obsessions

I'm so bummed I had to run home today after work! I actually attende my Monday night gym class 3 weeks in a row -- and now I have missed what should have been my fourth.  Matt is out of town and against my better instincts I opted not to schedule the dog walkers since he would be home at 6.  That was a great plan until he had an hour and a half delay.  Sigh.  Trust your instincts people.  Even for menial items.  Lucky for you I've scrapped the gym and Matt and I are having a quick date night now so while I wait for him you are stuck with my internet presence.  I guess your either horrified or glad about that.  

I'd really like to do some online shopping but hey -- the house needs to be pressure washed so again I say -- "Hooray Responsibility!".  But I don't really mean it.  I keep trying to wrack my brain for some really cool stuff to post here but I am in a bit of a shopping slump so I can't find much -- because I feel like I keep seeing the same things over and over and over again and by the time I want to order something I'm not even into the item.  I love a good bandwagon but lately I can't commit.  

I am, however, dreaming of one of these bracelets for wedding day and beyond. 

small sarra cuff - loren hope $58

I would also like to force the dogs into some costumes for Halloween.  But I am trying to curb what I call 'ridiculous spending'. 

But something like this may well be worth the money! 

I'm really obsessed with wanting to order Erin Gates' new book.  It's so beautiful on the outside, she seems beautiful on the inside and the outside -- it just seems like something I really need to read and display in my home. She was in Atlanta just over a week ago for a book signing at Ballard Design.  I didn't make it.  Did anyone go??? 

You can grab her book on Amazon Prime for $22.14

How was your Monday? 

~the engaged gal~

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