Sunday, October 19, 2014

{october R & R}

Happy Sunday, my friends! I've dubbed today "do nothing of real consequence Sunday" because I have a day trip to Columbia, SC to see my sweet niece baptized so it didn't seem right to even get into any projects this morning.  And really, after a 10 mile run and numerous home items taken care of yesterday I fell into bed at 9:30 completely unable to finish the FSU v. ND game and fell asleep.  Also - how amazing is it to fall into that bed of freshly washed and bleached sheets and blankets? It's my favorite.  If only someone would go get some groceries for me since Matt isn't coming home from a trip until tomorrow...

I've been doing really well with my vow to be very un-scheduled this month and I feel so much better.   It's really harder than you think it would be! I feel like there are always people you need to see, birthday parties, family events, etc. happening.  Rested, able to focus on my running, able to keep the house in order and spend some quality time with the dogs on the days we are not at work.  

A few things I perused this weekend that I thought I would share with you. 

1. Jess Graves of The Love List put up an October Spotify playlist that is really decent.  Always nice when someone who has the time to devote to music makes me a great playlist because I can't even begin to make time to keep up with the music universe.  

2.  All my runners out there -- you can still register for the Atlanta Thanksgiving Day Races -- they do a 5K and a fun run so don't feel like you have to work too hard on a busy holiday. My pace has been super slow lately but regardless of time it has been fun to get back in really good shape and spend Saturday mornings with The Housewife.  It has also helped keep me honest for the wedding.  

3.   I know my Pug obsession is already out of control but Matt showed me this video one morning before work.  Like one person said -- you may never know as much joy as this man. 

What are you doing this Sunday? I feel like if I wasn't leaving on my day trip it would be a great baking day.

Love you. Mean it. 

~the engaged gal~

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