Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Five

.1. Matt left a bunch of notes for me to find all around the house while he is on his golf trip this week. I think the one I found in my Cheerios box was my favorite so far. 

2. I know that it is going to get up to about 50 degrees today but I was really taken aback by all the snow this morning in Atlanta.  It's not really sticking but it was really coming down for a while. 

3. PowerPoint is not my strong suit at work.  Thank you Lord for you kids fresh out of college that can teach me all the tricks. If only my document were done today...

4. Someone please remove the ebay app from my phone immediately. I can't stop bidding on cheap JCrew. 

5. Overall it's actually been a good week. Feeling stronger at work and more on top of a few things even though it's busy. I also registered to start a designation to have on top of my insurance licenses an I am going to a networking event next week. Basically I'll be a CEO in no time

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