Sunday, March 15, 2015

Three Months Wed

Just checking in to report that we have made it through 1/4 a year of marriage without killing each other or anything very dramatic.  Being married remains fun and awesome but I'm here for Real Talk all the same.   I have been working a lot and Matt has been out of town a lot so I did get some takeaways from the last month for sure. 

-it remains in life that we are able to get too "busy" and too "tired" at the end of the day to connect with anyone.  We have these days like everyone else.  Especially since I have been working a lot since January.  We do a great job catching up at night before bed but I want to be better about the Cell Phone Devil and rolling over and scrolling away before I fall asleep.  

-we still do a great job at the "little things".  Sweet notes around the house.  Taking care of dinner or making dinner together.  A kiss every day before we leave each other whether the other person is asleep or we decide on a minor make -out in the garage as we leave together. Asking Matt to go see a movie because I know that is something HE enjoys and even though I don't love movies it's still important for me to recognize the things he loves.

-I think what I love most about marriage is what it will really show you about yourself -- the good, the bad, the ugly.   I'm not perfect and the reflection you see of yourself when you live the days so close with another can really bring some things to your attention along with the recognition for some change.  Little things like living in the moment, not worrying about a huge to do list, and worries about being defined by how productive I am are some things I am working on.  

-in other news -- I still haven't managed to change my name.  But I'm working to remedy that this week -- I looked online and I believe that I can just mail in my request with my pertinent documents.  I have the application filled out. Baby steps. Then onward to the DMV and my second passport issue within a year. Hopefully I don't get flagged as a terrorist. At first I complained a lot about the hassle of a name change but I was driving to work one day and remembered that I'm incredibly lucky to be the girl Matt picked.  Having this last name is a fantastic and wonderful thing.  

Happy Sunday! 

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