Monday, March 28, 2011

By Appointment Only

The Turtle and I have been working with a landscape company to have some work completed in the front yard. We almost have everything finalized for our deposit and getting on the books but also inquired about having a large pine tree taken down. Mr. Landscaper said he had a tree guy and would speak to him about coming by to give us a quote.

Let's rewind to 30 minutes ago. #1 is down for a nap and I'm in the middle of doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD so I don't feel like a complete slob.......and the doorbell rings. My door is almost completely windows and looks directly into my living room. The living room where I happen to be jumping up and down like Jane Fonda leading an exercise video. At first I thought it was the UPS man leaving diapers or something on my door like usual. But I look out and the guy is still standing on my front porch. Fab.

So I run out and point the pine tree out to Clint (whom I called Cliff at first) and he says ok. I suppose on the bright side of things I was at least in workout gear with a supportive bra on. So thanks Landscape guy for the heads up that the Tree Guy was coming by..........TODAY. Even our parents don't do the drop in and we're related to them.

Love, the Housewife.

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