Sunday, March 20, 2011

You Can Have Me Cheap or You Can Have Me Pretty

The Housewife and I have been somewhat lazy this week.  However, we thought we would take some time this Sunday and share some of our favorite things that we think you should know about.  You know, a fun blog post.  Who doesn't love makeup and accessories? 

Let's start with some makeup must haves.  Fergie and Gaga don't lie.  MAC is where it's at for a lot of products you need to look your best.

Let's talk about Fluidline.  Frequently noted in the "Best of" In Style issue, The Housewife and I have been using this eyeliner since Christmas of 2008.  I can't live without it, although The Housewife is also a supporter of the MAC Powerpoint eye pencil in Permaplum

When we aren't at the MAC counter in Macy's you can most surely find us in the mecca for all beauty needs....Sephora (insert angels singing).  Like any good drag queen we can spend 30 minutes in here and spend well over $100 in the blink of an eye. 


- Smashbox Photofinish Primer (Wear it. Love it.  Your makeup will stay on all day.)

- HD Make Up Forever Foundation -- necessity for all Housewives since it lasts forever. Hence, the name.  Um, hello--Kim Kardashian uses it.  Do you really need another endorsement? 

- NARS blush -- so worth the money because the pigment is so bright you only need to use a teeny bit.  We love this blush in Super Orgasm and Deep Throat.

-Dior Shimmer Powder.  Don't question.  Just get it.
-As far as eyeshadow goes, I had give MAC a black mark because they discontinued my color.  But a nice man in Sephora helped me find my way to Urban Decay and I am hooked.  The Housewife prefers Stilla and Benefit cream shadow in RSVP. 

(These products can all be found on the Sephora website, obvi.)  

Here are a few other items we wouldn't dare leave the house without:

-David Yurman cables

-Tiffany Notes Letter Pendant

-large pearl studs


-our fave Kate Spade or Louis Vuitton bag

-Starbucks Gold Card 

Feel free to leave us a note about some beauty items you can't live without.  We will be happy to make room in our Vera Bradley makeup bags for them! 

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