Thursday, March 24, 2011

single gal benefits

Taking some "me" time tonight.  If you follow our Tumblr you know that I was having kind of a bad day yesterday (read: an effing freakout) over really small things.

But...tonight is utterly fabulous.  It's 7:30 and I am in bed with my MacBook Air, an In Style mag, and the current novel I am reading.  And I've been in bed since 7.  I'm really proud of myself for just leaving work and calling it a day even though everything wasn't done.

The thing I appreciate most today--the wonderful silence I come home to in the evening.  I am sure lots of single gals know exactly what I mean when I say this.

Now,  if only Piperlime would ship all that great stuff I ordered on Monday...don't they know I need to look my best now that I am back on the market?

~the single gal~

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