Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's not you. It's me.

Don't take it personal. We've probably all said these words to someone in some form or another. Problem is we all take it personally, don't we? It is personal. It's just not personal to the other person. We all have feelings so it's not surprising we all feel some form of offense to these words.

We recently went to our church to have our family photo taken for the directory. Let's keep in mind the company doing the photographs is basically the company that does middle school yearbook pictures....not Ann Geddes. We had a nice photographer and we had developed a good 5 minute rapport with him. Then we get to the sales pitch as we are reviewing the photos and choosing the one for the directory. I'm really trying to be patient with this man even though I really needed to get #1 home and in bed. We are listening and I'm being somewhat complimentary about the photos he took which really highlighted the hideous monstrous bags under my eyes. So no, I will not be buying any of these. Especially to the tune of $90 for two 5x7's and some wallets. No one even carries pictures in a wallet anymore, we just whip out our smart phones or send an email (that someone checks on their smart phone).

We get to the uncomfortable part where he gives us the price and I look at the Turtle and he looks at me with those sweet Turtle eyes that say, "I hate this part. I hate this part. Please tell him no because I can't and we will spend $240 on the top package." I give the guy the news, keeping in mind his counterpart just got a $240 sale from a woman at the next table and he completely changes his attitude with us. WTH? The idea is to have a photo in the directory so people can place a name with a face at church. Not everyone is going to buy them.

Bottom line is we all take it personally. Whether it's someone commenting about #1 being 5 months old and still waking up in the middle of the night or about your hair. I've spoken to my pediatrician about this and he was not concerned at this time. She is on the small side of the weight charts and I will feed her if I feel that she is hungry. Thanks. And where is your MD from by the way? Every baby is not the same.

I'm getting better about these things. People love to give their opinions. It doesn't send me off the edge anymore but it does get me thinking. Maybe we should all learn to take things to heart a little less; but then again, it's not personal right? If you need me I'll be doing something else, it's not personal.

The Housewife

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