Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feeding Frenzy

This is not a post about my woes of #1 not eating or refusing to eat certain things. She's a little person and they go through phases and likes and dislikes just like we do. I loathe meal time for one main reason and that is because it MESSY.  No matter how well you clean things there is always some crusted macaroni noodle or a banana slice glued to the floor, even if you have a 3 x 5 floor mat to catch said food. It's even worse because #1 likes to clean her tray off when she is "all done." This means she takes her hand and puts anything that is still on the tray onto the floor. Yay.

I'm also having a high chair problem. At first, we had the space saver high chair because my kitchen is not vast and expansive so in the effort to "save space" we registered for one of those. I have no complaints about the space saver and really liked it....that is until #1 would rock herself back and forth with all her might annoying the ever living shit out of me while I slaved over a stove to cook her a grilled cheese sandwich. It made me want to throw my dining chair with the space saver through my kitchen windows (not with the baby in it in case you were concerned). So I bought an old school wooden high chair off craigslist and painted it pink. It is sturdy and she doesn't do all that rocking bullshit. But I can't get all the crusted food junk off the wooden high chair very well. So I've been researching and I'm convinced this will change my life:

This is an Oxo Tot Sprout Baby high chair and it is $250. "Wow, Housewife that is a lot of money for some stupid chair when you already have a high chair," is what you're probably thinking. Guess what? I don't care how ridiculous it seems. I'm a woman; it's only in our nature to complain and insist THIS is what we need in order to survive the cold, cruel world. Good thing Turtle does not need much convincing to spend money.  This is probably going to come live with us in the very near future.....maybe even this weekend. It's an extended use high chair and you can use it through five years. Although my prediction is it will be used by #1 for the foreseeable future and perhaps a #2 might come along one day and use it as well. I don't think kids like being in a high chair very long once they can sit in a booster seat.

If you need me I will be scraping old banana mush off the floor mat with a butter knife and then clorox-ing the crap out of it. And if this high chair is a big piece of junk.........I'll never admit it to any of you.

The Housewife

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