Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wu Who?

So I was curious about this big to do about another designer fashion line coming to Target (a.k.a. the white chick mecca). I know the hype about the Missoni stuff was crashing their servers Die Hard 2 style when it became available for purchase. I came upon an article that was explaining in order to avoid that same debacle Target released the items for sale at 12 a.m. instead of 8 a.m. which was the expected/announced time. Some Target stores *supposedly* had  a two-piece per style limit because many people come in to buy it only to re-sell it later on e-bay.

Word is (as per above article) that Target will re-stock only select items online and nothing in the actual stores. Does anyone else not understand this? If it is selling so well, why don't they just manufacture plenty for all or most of us? I'm sure only limited things would be left on the sale rack like every other line they carry in the store. I went to one area store to scope things out and they had maybe six or eight items left and that was it besides a few of his handbags.

And with further research there are almost 11,000 Jason Wu for Target items on e-bay and here is a you-tube video of a couple in a Miami store who were allowed to buy their ENTIRE stock of merchandise. Some people estimated this to be $7K.

As you can see these two jerk faces have a lot of shit in their carts. I'm shocked no one requested a manager to inquire about this and I would certainly be getting the district and regional managers information and speaking with Target's home office if I was in that store hoping to buy something. I hope no one buys any of this stuff on e-bay. Maybe if Target wouldn't offer it in such limited amounts this wouldn't be so prevalent. It's more like boo-hoo for many fans and customers.

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