Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Obsession: Warby Parker

If you do take the time to read our blog, you will know that in December Hogan Muffin chewed my glasses up when I dared to leave him to go to a Christmas party.  As a Single Gal, the budget is always a little tight so this was a major set back for me.  Especially since I a) really loved the glasses I already had and didn’t need new ones and b) glasses are really expensive and I like to use my insurance allotment for contacts.  I had a really old pair of glasses to get me by but I was super bummed about the fact that new ones were really going to break the bank. If I ever found the money to get some new ones.  Except they didn’t.  

Enter -- Warby Parker.  While I am aware a lot of people already know about Warby Parker I first read about them in Matchbook Magazine and I couldn’t help but to devote some more time to this company with a post, especially after my wonderful shopping experience.  This is a company dedicated to providing affordable, yet fashionable eyewear for the general masses.  And -- on top of this, they donate a pair of glasses for every pair they sell.  I completely adore and appreciate this because when I was in 7th grade my mother was too poor to buy me frames and lenses when we discovered I needed glasses.  Kwoww worked for Delta Airlines for about 30 years and someone happened to leave their glasses unclaimed on a flight and guess what peeps -- those were the frames I had to use. And I wasn’t allowed to get contacts until I wore them for a year. If I could show you a pitiful photo from 7th grade I would, but I don’t even know where to find one. Just pity me appropriately without the visual mmmmk?

All Warby Parker frames + lenses are $95.  Seriously. That’s all I paid.  I don’t even think I paid shipping.  Their customer service was stellar.  I randomly woke up on a Saturday morning at 6 a.m. after getting paid and practically ran downstairs to make coffee and order mine. In my complete excitement to order, I put the wrong color frames in my virtual shopping cart and failed to notice after I reviewed my order twice. So, I immediately emailed them to let them know what an idiot I was.  I got an immediate response on Monday and they didn’t hasell me at all.  Also, they said it would be at least 10 days to make & ship them (understandable) except they shipped on Wednesday and I got them on my doorstep on Friday. Less than a week.

A few other things I loved:

- You have the option of having them mail you 5 different pairs of frames to try out before purchasing. Or, you can use your web cam and virtually try on a lot of frames.
- My doctor never put down my “PD” measurement for how far apart my pupils are from each other. Warby Parker has this crazy cool feature where you use your web cam and a debit card and it measures it for you.  And then emails your results to them.  Super neat!
-The case and the box my frames came in are gorgeous. They make you feel like you bought a $400 pair of frames.

I snagged the Huxley frames in my attempt to embrace geek chic and pretend I model for JCrew.

I took an awkward self-portrait the day I got them as well. I really adore them. And, they were so affordable, I can't wait to order another pair!

Love you. Mean it.

~the single gal~

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  1. After reading your post, I went to WarbyparkerOptical to see what they had. Disappointed. Nothing fancy, nothing special. Personally, I would VERY highly recommend for their hundreds of glasses styles.