Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Dude Obsessions

I thought I would do some Monday "dude" obsessions because Turtle's birthday was last week. So I took #1 out for a training day at the mall.

First stop is Banana Republic; for the second time in less than a week. Turtle ripped his last pair of nice jeans and he will only wear this particular pair of jeans from BR.  The Turtle is a big fan of the Straight leg jeans, not to be confused with the Vintage Straight leg which is too tapered at the ankle for his tastes. He needs new jeans because he tore the knee of the one pair he likes to wear and must have a specific wash color in them- Indigo. (I will not call him a diva. I will not call him a diva. DIVA.) Long story short, I went Sunday and they didn't have the size in the wash I needed. Go back Friday, and after searching again, speaking with associate at the store and we still couldn't find them (same as Sunday) even though their computer said the store had one pair of what I needed. She finally found them on a mannequin and ripped them off for me. Score one for the actual pants and score two because they were 30% off.


Turtle really enjoys watching Netflix on his iPad. He has been using some old headphones (probably from like the 80s) that his grandfather had given to him. He has been checking out Dr. Dre Beats for a long time and I decided to surprise him with them. Normally I would have just done some online shopping via my Amazon Prime account but I didn't have time to wait on the two day shipping once I had actually decided to get them. I ended up getting mine from Brookstone for convenience sakes. Nothing irritates me more than needed three things all from different stores requiring me to get #1 in and out of her car seat a bajillion trillion million times. lkasdflkhasglkjsgljh!!!!  The Beats are compatible with the iPhone and iPad and apparently you can speak to them and they do certain things on command......sort of like a dog?  Or maybe it's just Siri's sister in there? 

And last but not least, what guy doesn't want their favorite beer (which their wife has deemed too expensive to buy on a regular basis since she stays at home now) waiting for them in the fridge? 

*As always we clearly have no sponsors and no one is paying us to promote any of these items. It's just simply stuff we like.

The Housewife

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