Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday

A few of my very good friends and I routinely send each other what we call "5 Daily Gratitudes" every day.  I have my friend C to thank (redundant, I know) for this tradition! I think it's a really great way to start off each day on a positive note.  There are really no rules -- just write down some things, even small ones, that fill us with gratitude.  It's also super fun to see what your friends will send, too. 

I thought I would share some of mine with y'all for a "Thankful Thursday".  

1. Hogan's sweet (albeit slobbery) kisses.  It's like he knows it's Mother's Day this weekend and he is giving out extra love. 

2. I never knew I would live in a world where I could buy and download a book in less than 3 minutes. 

3. Celebrating Mothers this week/weekend (even ones that are behind on blogging!). 

4. Starbucks gift cards.

5. Sending snail mail to friends and family.

6. Lilly Pulitzer RueLaLa sales. If you can pick out what you want and buy it within 3 minutes they are wonderful!  

What are you thankful for? The little things? One big thing? We would love to know. :) 
Happy almost weekend. 

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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