Friday, May 25, 2012

Twice the Babies = Twice the Hormones.

I am truly not a person who minds being pregnant. When I was pregnant with #1 I had a very easy and uncomplicated pregnancy. I had some early swelling that never seemed to go away and so far do not have that this time around. With #1 I was sort of a little sick.....maybe......when I woke up in the morning and on my drive to work. With the twins I was sick from around five weeks to ten weeks. I would wake up in the middle of the night and feel sick. I don't know what is worse, just feeling like you will vomit all the time or vomiting all the time. The Single Gal has a dear friend who is still sick and throwing up most days and she's due the first week of August. My mother-in-law pretty much threw up everyday with her first (not the Turtle).

Also, when these twins are sassy teenagers I will remind them how they broke mommy's nose because I'm pretty sure my nose is jacked up. Problem is the only way to tell is by a CT scan and I can't get one of those things until I deliver. And I can't afford a nose job anyway so why get the CT scan? Now the Single Gal can say her nose is better than mine when we used to be equals. Stab her.

This little adorable gal loves the word "NO" right now. Can we go change your diaper? NO. Do you want to take a bath? NO. NO. NOOOAAAAH. (runs away from mommy). I can't even have my own water as you can see. (This is one of my better pictures that's not over exposed. Kind of self teaching and half learning from the Pioneer Woman blog.)

Do you know what you buy when you're pregnant and having a bad day? Candy. Candy and magazines because you can't buy a magazine and a bottle of wine. The grocery bill is a good place to hide these things from your husbands because it's very general and doesn't show up as "GAP" on your billing statement. I am struggling because one of my placenta's is over my cervix right now (placenta previa) and I've been placed on "pelvic rest," with no heavy lifting, no running or jarring activities. I can swim. While I have no problem adhering to the doctor's orders for the safety of the babies it is mentally frustrating. I really like working out.....and while I was a competitive swimmer for many years I really do not enjoy swimming that much anymore, especially by myself. The midwife said this should hopefully resolve itself and not be an issue down the road but they can't really say when. I hope by my 16 week appointment. 

I promise not to be a crazy, grumpy, hormonal basket case. Most of the time anyway. Y'all enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and eat some BBQ and hang out on the lake or something.

The Housewife

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