Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthday Blues

I really haven't thought a lot about my/our birthday this year. The Single Gal and I are leaving for Little A's wedding next weekend and sometimes when you're not eight years old having the most amazing pool party of your life after you got a Nintendo...birthday's are just lack luster. We were not bloggers the year of one of the most awkward birthday dinners ever.

I got to find out #1's sex on my birthday in 2010. One would think that would be fantastic. Guess again. It was traumatic. I just really thought we were having a boy and the 20 week ultrasound is a big check on the baby's spine and organs.. I was very worried about the latter, not the gender. It's not that I was disappointed I was having a girl; I was just expecting it to be a boy. On top of that my OB was giving me the up and down because I gained 10 pounds between visits but I think they forgot that I had not been for a check up in more like 7 weeks and not the usual 4 due to the holiday and the tech for gender etc is only in on Mondays. There were lots of tears on the way back to work. So to finish out the day we had made what we thought was a triple date when the Single Gal wasn't so single, myself and Turtle and our friend C and her husband. No one else confirmed they were actually going to show up to this dinner. Except then K-Woww and The Situation text to say they are coming and the Single Gal had already invited he who will be known as a flip flop stealing jerk. This is also the first time said jerk was getting a dose of The Single Gal AND The Housewife........which can really only be considered as viewing a tennis match. Like a Rafa vs Federer match. Oh, but Baby and her guy show up. Late. As usual. However, our table is full at this time so we have to have the waitress seat them at this two top right behind our table. I don't even remember what we did last year. We can safely say that next Thursday we have just planned our usual three person meal at our favorite Mexican place. Just The Single Gal, Housewife and Turtle.

I really don't "need" anything but here are some things I would gladly accept to keep away the birthday blues. The first is so I can be stylish like Single Gal....and maybe if I wear a bold necklace it will draw the eye away from the belly this summer. $29 on top of that!

Sky Blue Bubble Statement Necklace- Etsy

Kendra Scott Danielle Earrings

Drizzle by Oakley $130

I think the best thing I have scheduled on my actual birthday is a mani/pedi. And I do love getting a manicure.

The Housewife

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