Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend Recap

Sorry we are just now reporting back! It was a huge and happy weekend for our family -- our step brother Bradley got married! We are so, so, so happy to officially welcome Brandi and also to keep her in our family; however, with the advent of such celebrations comes complete and utter exhaustion (Hey, our family knows how to throw a party...for an entire weekend).  I attended a gorgeous bridal luncheon at The Ritz Carlton at Lake Oconee with The Housewife, we sat by the pool at our lake house all weekend (the lake was too low to take out Dad's boat), and spent copious amounts of time with friends and family. 

After this weekend the only thing I was obsessed with on Monday was sleeping.  A lot.  Since I am tired we will just do some pictures for Tuesday. 

Gabby's at The Ritz -- this is where we had the bridal luncheon with an exquisite view of the lake and glasses of champagne!  

{not my photo. credit to the interwebs.}

Finally made it back home and the house was in immediate disarray.  I did manage to unpack later that night. 

A bonus -- I came home to find my faux JCrew Bubble Necklace I ordered from Etsy. It managed to make it out of its bubble wrap and onto my dresser among other things.  I am incredibly impressed and in love with this necklace! I want more! My koozie served me well at the wedding, my shades made it back in one piece, and I got to use my new clutch I grabbed on sale from The Loft a couple weeks ago. 

The best part of my day -- napping, reading, and catching up on internet shopping/blogs with Hogan Muffin. 

This week I really want to try to spruce up the front door area. {Again.} I have a project in mind for a chalkboard sign to hang on the front door with pretty ribbon that I might try to complete.  I really, truly want to give some flowers another go.  But, I had a really bad break up with the last ones and I am not sure I am emotionally ready for another go at gardening. Le sigh. 

In other news, work is starting to feel normal. Finally! And, I am really excited that my old manager from my last job actually took a job at my new place and I will get to see her there very, very soon.  

Love you. Mean it. 
~the single gal~

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