Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bump Update: 27 Weeks

I'll cue the embarrassing pictures in a moment. While I don't think I'm incredibly huge I think strangers are giving me a complex. I want a t-shirt that says, "my bump is not an invitation for you to talk to me."  It makes me feel really good when I hear, "Oh, you've got a ways to go still." Then I fess up to having twins and proceed to tell Turtle while we are out shopping that he should not be concerned when I move my due date to October. I have 10 to 11 weeks left at the most. It doesn't seem like " a ways to go," especially when anything can happen. These girls could be here at 36 weeks....I don't have a crystal ball.   I can't predict if my blood pressure will stay down or if both babies will continue to grow at rates the doctors are pleased with at that stage.

these are unedited so pardon if color etc look off

Weight gained? 27 lbs (what...I like brownies.....a lot right now...with ice cream)
Miss anything? my waistline
Cravings? sweets and more sweets. but I'm trying to control myself.

Nursery you ask? Um........definitely not finished by any means. The major stuff is done and we are waiting to pick up some cribs from a friend who's twins are done with them. So it's an empty room. Turtle can start getting down some of #1's old clothes so we can wash and take inventory and get the swing/bouncy chair out. Don't worry, it won't take much to get it done. It's really low key but I'll be sure to do a full post on it when it's finished. 

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