Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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So, I swore to The Housewife last week that I was going to get some awesome posts up.  Never happened.  Mainly because I still am not sleeping a lot and spend most of my time at work, working out, or being ridiculous on Twitter (my new accidental hobby). However, due to the joys of Facebook I saw that my ex-boyfriend got engaged last week.  Not as in 3 Putt, but my last super serious relationship.  Then I remembered that a few of our lovely readers that aren't family and friends don't know about that. So, I thought we would do a little "Single Gal" history today. 

Little known fact: I could be Married Gal right now instead of Single Gal. 

In 2009 I was in a serious relationship.  A and I had been together for almost 5 years.  We were planning on it being forever.  So much so, that when I picked out the town home I am sitting in right now to write this post, it was a "we" thing. Like "we" will  live here together and then "we" will get married.  Everything is rolling along just fine -- we closed in May.  Everyone's happy. 

Fast forward from May to September. I go on a big girls vacation. We. Have. So. Much. Fun. I meet new fun people.  I come home. But I'm sad.  I remember getting out of my car and thinking, "Is this it for me?" I really don't know what made it happen.  I felt like maybe I had been in a little bubble the last few years and not looking outside of it. Obviously no relationship is perfect no matter what; however, suddenly there were some glaring issues that in hindsight were probably there all along, but suddenly seemed to be everywhere. 

So, I walk around being a bitch to A for the next month.  And then one day he asks me what the hell is wrong with me. I don't have a good answer.  We are about to go on vacation together.  And then it happens....

"I was planning on proposing to you when we were in New York."

"I called my Dad last week.  I know money is tight and we can't afford a ring but they are mailing my grandmother's to me so that you can have it."


Y'all, I would have killed to see my very own panic stricken face. Seriously.  I feel like it's every girl's dream to receive a proposal or hear the impending proposal news.  I had nothing to say. Nothing.  I was standing in my (ours at the time) kitchen hoping that he had not just said what I thought he said.   That's when shit got real.  And fear invaded my entire body.  I didn't even know I would react like that but there was no way in my mind that it was ever going to work out.  In reality, I should probably thank him for asking.  Because it made me realize that it was time to end the relationship.  A was not a bad person, but it just wasn't in the cards for us.  

I tell you this so you know a few things.  First -- someone really did like me enough to want to marry me! Kidding...{sort of}  Second, I really was happy to hear the news -- initially I spent a lot of time worrying about how I probably wasted A's time and it wasn't ever my intention to do so. I'm glad he has moved on to find a lasting relationship.  Last (but not least) -- it's so good to still look back and know that I absolutely made the right choice and I wouldn't change it for anything.  It feels good to know that your gut will not steer you wrong in the end. 

And that, my friends, concludes our history lesson for the day. 

Love you. Mean it. 

~the single gal~

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