Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hey, It's OK...

I know lots of bloggers do their ode to Glamour magazine and make their own "Hey, It's OK..." list.  I'm also here to tell you that I'm not too good to make my own, and frankly, I could use some "Hey, It's OK..." reinforcement in my life right now. 

Hey, it's miss him. not make up the bed before you leave for work in the morning. have deep conversations with the dog. buy pretty things because it makes you feel just a little bit better about life. want to tell someone to spare you the "You'll find someone/He's out there" conversation. want to tell the New Girl that once upon a time he thought I was perfect, too. de-friend people on Facebook. cry about it. wash your hair twice a week. love Instagram like everyone else. be angry sometimes. skip a work out. read Fifty Shades of Grey -- it doesn't diminish your intelligence or appreciation for proper, well-written novels. come home and do nothing after work every once in a while. not want to talk about it. go a little over 3000 miles before that next oil change...just a little though. want to travel back in time to those undergrad years some days. miss him some more. 

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