Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Long Weekend Hangover

I didn't exactly overinduldge in anything except maybe for food last weekend but whenever we get that extra day I feel like the work week drags and I have a hard time getting started. It's the Long Weekend Hangover. Traffic was terrible, we forgot to check schedules and coordinate dog walking days, and yeah the bathroom could be a lot cleaner.  Thank goodness for frozen fish filets that work for a quick taco dinner that wasn't completely off of a healthy dinner. 

We had a great weekend though. I helped with a wedding, sat by the pool, grilled out, spent a day on the lake and went to bed really early on Friday before all this happened. 

Backyard weddings are kind of the best! Congrats Kate and Scott! 

I let myself have McDonald's breakfast the morning after the wedding. I haven't had drive through breakfast in forever and it absolutely did not disappoint! (Seriously I'm STILL thinking about it.)

Dad always flies the Stars and Stripes but it was especially fun to do this weekend on the boat! We had a perfect day! 

Rocky isn't hungover that's just how he hangs out. 

Are you dragging this week too? Thank goodness we only have 3 more days! 

Love you. Mean it.
-the single gal-

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