Sunday, May 11, 2014

Checking In

It's been a really hard, transitional, busy, and emotional last few weeks.   We continue to completely pass middle ground this year -- everything is either really great and awesome or pretty darn craptastic as we have gone through 2014.  I know The Housewife informed you that we lost sweet Hogan about a week ago.  I'm not quite ready to write a lot about it but I will and I'm sure it will help the healing process.  He was 11 and I'd like to think we gave him a really great life and the best care he could have while he was on earth.  I'm trying not to be a 3 year old about the whole thing but my general view lately is "I want my dog back."  But I also know human nature is to always want more time than we have and I'm working really hard at being incredibly grateful for the time that we did have together. 

We have truly had all the emotions lately though.  The new job is going really, really well.  If I could have just picked the most ideal situation/result to come out of my unemployment it would have been to land in the exact place that I am now.  Truly.  Obviously life isn't perfect.  I've got a bit of a commute and different hours but we have banded together on the home front and we have a dog walking service that comes several times a week when we need them and hopefully soon I'll be making a few dinners, making time for more workouts and feeling more comfortable with my completely new job scene.  Change is hard.  I keep telling myself that if I spouted gospel in my interview trying to win my position about wanting to push my boundaries I better grab hold of the opportunity and dig in to get exactly what I want out of this incredible job opportunity.  I do feel like I will be really happy there.  But at the same time even though I am still in insurance I am completely out of my comfort zone so I need to take a deep breath and relax.  I need to keep telling myself "I will get there". 

This has been a better weekend than the last.  We stuck pretty close to home again and with the rain and cloudy weather I have been able to catch up on all the chores and house stuff that were completely ignored last weekend.  It's definitely the little things -- wandering the mall with Emily, looking at my little patio plants that are still alive, fresh flowers, fresh manicure, and home cooked meals.  Now I'm trying to regroup on some wedding items like flowers, what the groom should wear, hotel room blocks, and a hair/makeup girl. 

I've missed you guys! Working to get back on track with regular posts! 

~the single gal~

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