Wednesday, May 7, 2014

You'll Miss These Days....

I get the gist of that statement. There are many things I will miss about these days. However, as much as I love those darnedest things three year olds say, there is the equally challenging problem of trying to reason with a three year old. Which is exactly why we should send some in during any diplomatic negotiation with foreign countries. They do not take no for an answer. They will ask you, "Why?," about ever point you make. They will cry hysterically when you "mess up their game" even though said game has caused an injury resulting in lots of tears and hysterics. Three children constantly crying must be worse than Chinese water torture. It has to be.

I left my children to their own devices in the basement for ten minutes. You can see the results above. I thought it was somewhat comforting no one was issuing the scream of death. So far today Hadley took it upon herself to demonstrate self responsibility and remove her diaper. Her dirty diaper. Harper was also kind enough to break a small snow globe, distributing glitter and shards of fine glass everywhere. 

I do need to report that No. 1 took her first nap in maybe 50-ish days Sunday and slept for four hours. I did this...

I made my bi-weekly run to Costco to load up on fruit yesterday. The lady behind me in line asked me if I was making jam. I said, "No. This might last me a whole week. Maybe." I even had all the kids with me (obviously, when am I ever without them?). Bless her heart, but she gave me a good laugh. 

Cheers to Hump Day. If you don't follow either of us on Instagram send some hugs out for Single Gal. She lost sweet Hogan last Friday. I'll let her give you the main details. 

The Housewife 

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