Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Obsessions: Housewife Edition

This is really an embarrassing confession to make on the internet but after having three kids and being in various states of weight gain/loss and nursing, etc it has been about four years since I bought a bra. It's horrible! I just walk around in a constant state of one or both straps falling down because I actually think they still have some elasticity left. As I was ordering my yearly swimsuit from Victoria's Secret, I decided to purchase two t-shirt bras. I really like them. I'm not sure that will mean much to anyone since I told you I haven't bought a new bra in four years. 


My new best friend, besides cheap red wine, is talenti gelato. Run, don't walk, to a frozen novelties aisle in your neighborhood grocery store. Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip is my current favorite. The Single Gal and I are simply working through all of their wonderful flavors, because why not?

I'm living in my J Crew Factory Denim Roll Up shorts these days. Hence, the t-shirt bra purchase. My new summer uniform. I'm considering getting another pair, probably in a darker wash. 


In other news, I've been dealing with some nerve problems in my right hand/arm. I am right handed and  after visiting with the orthopedist too many times (my time not that they weren't quick with a diagnosis) it was determined I suffer from Cubital Tunnel. The ulnar nerve is cramped somewhere and it causes my pinky and ring fingers to go numb/tingle and I have pain in my wrist, elbow and above my elbow. I have spent 6 weeks doing physical therapy (dragging ALL the kids with me to therapy!) and it has helped. But now three weeks without therapy my symptoms are returning. I'm going back to physical therapy but I'm afraid I will eventually have to have surgery. We all know I'm not scheduling surgery before I go to the beach in September or before Single Gal's wedding. I'm not nearly in good enough shape. Think some good thoughts for my follow up with the orthopedic the first week in July as big decisions could be made. Who is going to take care of the rug rats?!? Seriously. 

I'm out. 
The Housewife

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  1. I had carpal tunal issues and ended up having good luck being treated by a chiropractor. Hope you heal quickly.