Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Five {single gal edition}

1.  I took a moment to be an educated individual this morning and read this article in the Washington Post about LBJ and the 50th anniversary of his 'Great Society'.  

2. I'm not sure who sent me this Garden & Gun magazine subscription but I hope to be able to properly thank you when I discover you.  Even if you don't get the mag check out their amazing and fun website.  Their blog is really awesome, too.  {duh}

//georgia trout with salsa verde article by jed portman//

3.  I don't have a lot of birthday wishes this year because I'm still too grateful about having a job and am getting serious about getting my budget back on track after unemployment but I would just adore these necklaces from the Gorjana + Courtney Kerr collection.  She named them after her sweet dog Fancy. Need. 

//image from

4.  In other news there is a rando fly that has been in my house for like three days. I cannot catch him or kill him.  I guess he lives here now.  

5.  The Housewife and I would also like to thank whoever invented or made group text happen as our lives are now incomplete without it.  If only you would stop making that feed jump to the bottom if I am out of the loop trying to catch up on 36 messages.  

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Love you. Mean it. 

~the single gal~

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